Kooked Out is a three piece Rock n Roll Band from Boston Massachusetts.
They crafted their sound by taking influences from the likes of instrumental surf music, 70s punk rock, psychedelic rock, and the blues. The guitar tones are similar to those found on the records of surf greats, such as, Dick Dale and The Ventures. The groovy surf beats compliment the driving bass. Artists like The Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash have influenced our aggression and energy on stage and in the studio. Our wacky live performance and vocal attack reflects that of The Black Angels while maintaining catchy pop hooks like The Beatles. The feel and grit of authentic American blues artists like Son House and Robert Johnson gives our sound passion and soul. Review -

"Boston garage-grooved surf punks Kooked Out have something special going on. They’re a trio that doesn’t stick to just one style by incorporating numerous elements, exuding an improvisational vibe while abiding by the classic rock and roll structure. It’s evident in their live performances, with John Fiore wilding out on guitar and Chris Laskey and Sean Reid keeping it tight on the drums and bass. These crazy three today have a new self-titled EP being premiered on Vanyaland today, and the record walks the fine line between mellow and electrifying for an interesting listening experience.

High levels of intensity give Kooked Out a signature approach to their music. The feeling will take you over and the riffs and beats will make you move around and go a little nuts. Fiore, Laskey, and Reid wouldn’t have it any other way, their new EP expresses that notion in impeccable form. Like most bands, the goal is to capture their live sound on their recordings; Kooked Out aim to reach that plateau with this record, and they do so with each track possessing a distinct amount of energy. There’s a variety of audial thrills with no song giving your ears the same sensations as the others." - Rob Duguay

Music Connection Magazine Review -

"Decked out in costumes along with the Halloween crowd, Kooked Out thrilled trick-or-treaters with original compositions. One solitary cover wormed itself into their 45-minute set—Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign,” nicely reflecting the band’s bluesy heritage. But while their technical abilities are noteworthy, what offers the most promise is how their playing reflects an honest passion. It’s a love of music for music’s sake that recalls the greats before they were discovered." - Andy Kaufmann

Influences include The Doors, White Stripes, Rage Against The Machine, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, The Ramones, The Ventures, Citizen Cope and BB King.

Band Members:
John Fiore -Vocals / Guitar
Chris Laskey- Drums / Vocals

Style: Rock n Roll
Blues / Surf / Punk

Performance Style:
High Energy